Hi there and welcome to my blog. My name is Cherel Roffel, founder and owner of Fashion Overdoze. A blog about everything that has to do with fashion. For example outfits, inspiration and new buys. I breathe fashion. Not only because it is my full time job working in a clothing shop, but also because I just love to experience all kinds of fashion that is out there. Fashion is fun.

And now this new chapter of course, my blog. I hope that with my look on fashion I can tell you and maybe even learn you something that you didn’t know before. But for the most part, I just hope to inspire.

A good outfit really makes me a nicer person. I thought that would be nice to know ;-). Oh, and I love designer items. That moment when you finally have the item you really wanted for so long and you’ve worked really hard for, is priceless. So, I have enough to talk about and to show you guys, so be prepared for a fashion overdoze. I hope you like it here.

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