Hey everyone! How are you guys doing? Tomorrow night it’s Christmas eve and I’m soooo excited! It’s sounds a bit spoiled, but I just love to receive presents (I’m asking myself now, which girl doesn’t?) and ofcourse I also like to give them to someone, especially when that someone is my fiancĂ©. Today I’ve got to go to work until 9 pm, but after that I’m going to enjoy my lovely weekend! If you also have some things to do or to finish first today, good luck and may we all have a wonderful Christmas weekend after that! Moving on to the post of today…

Shock: it’s about fashion. I’m constantly thinking about fashion, it’s my thing and I just love doing all kinds of things with it. For the last couple of years the designer category has become a bigger and bigger part of my fashion life. And every now and then I come across an item that I just need to add to my collection. Sometimes it’s a bag and sometimes I just can’t get a particular pair of shoes out of my mind. But now I’m in this situation where I just love everything of one particular designer (and a whole lot of other people with me). And I can tell you this, my wallet (and my fiancĂ©) is not very happy about that. You will already know which designer I’m talking about, by reading the title, but I’ll say it anyway: Gucci. My favorite pieces are the classic loafers, fur slides and the Dionysus bag. I don’t know which item I’ll be purchasing in the future, but I have already started saving some money for it, because whatever I’ll buy, I sure as hell need a lot of money for it.


– BAGS –



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